Welcome“Self care begins at Zen With Debby.”

Welcome to the official website of Zen With Debby, your guide to a happier and mindful life. Here you can enjoy a moment to unwind and to relax after a stressful day, which is an ideal way to take care of your physical- and mental well-being. 

Zen With Debby is founded by Deborah Standaert, a passionated Belgian Yoga-, Pilates- and POP Pilates Instructor with a huge love for chocolate. Debby discovered Yoga and Pilates during a depression and burn-out and experienced how both forms of exercise did good to her body, mind and soul. She became more connected with her inner self and managed to find light at the end of the dark tunnel. What almost ended in “a dead wish coming true” magically changed into following a passion aka. guiding other people through their journey to self care.  Debby believes that everyone deserves to love themselves for who they are in order to live a healthier and happier life.

Debby is teaching Yoga and POP Pilates since 2017 and has been honored to guide lots of beautiful souls through their journey to self care.
Would you like to join the Tribe? Follow along with Zen With Debby’s classes in Meise and Merchtem, or join her online classes through Skype and YouTube so you can experience the many benefits of Yoga and Pilates.

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28 mei ,2022

Groepslessen Yoga en Pilates in Wolvertem en Merchtem – “Zelfzorg begint bij Zen With Debby.”

Ontdek de leukste groepslessen Yoga en Pilates bij Zen With Debby. Kom tot rust met een ontspannende Vinyasa Yogales, of beweeg je lichaam doorheen een stevige POP Pilates workout in Wolvertem en Me…  

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27 apr ,2022

My 3 tips for a healthier mindset

In this article I am sharing my 3 tips for a healthier mindset. Maybe you already know I went through several burn-outs, depressions and anxiety attacks, but not many people actually know how I've co…  

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26 apr ,2022

What is POP Pilates?

I've been teaching POP Pilates since 2017 and would love to share my journey with you. I'll also discuss the benefits of this fun way of working out and how you can become a POP Pilates Instructor. B…  

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