Releasing Yin Yoga Program

14 Day Guided Meditation • Your journey to a happier mind



Discover our 14 Day Guided Meditation Program and bring more peace and stillness into your (busy) life. This journey is a wonderful way to start, or end, your day in a positive and calming way. Allow your mind to unwind and become fully aware in this present moment. 

About our Guided Meditation Program:

Lifetime access after purchase.
♥ 14 guided meditation classes between 5 and 10 minutes.
No expectations. You choose a class that fits with your needs of the day.
♥ Follow along whenever you want: mornings, lunch break, evening, after a Yoga practice… 
♥ Ideal if you’re looking for a way to clear your head and to welcome more relaxation into your life.
♥  Unwind from the outside world and experience a feeling of stress relief.
♥ Perfect if you don’t have lots of time and would like to take a moment of self care.
♥ Beginner levels can join.
♥ By joining this program you are going to experience the many benefits of daily meditation!


5 to 10 minutes per day
What Do You Need?
A comfortable and quite place.
Maybe a blanket and a pillow.


Health Benefits Of  (Guided) Meditation:


  • Reduces Stress And Pain.
  • Helps With Finding Emotional Balance.
  • Reduces Feelings Of Depression And Anxiety.
  • Increases Your Creativity, Focus And Memory.
  • Better Night Sleep.
  • Mood Boost.


Love, Debby
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