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7 Days Guided Meditation • Welcome Headspace



I invite you to join us in this 7 Day Guided Meditation Program where we focus on bringing peace and stillness into our minds. A wonderful way to either start your day, or end your day. Or maybe follow along during your lunch break as it is a nice way to allow your mind to let go of negativity and to be aware in the present moment.


You only need 5 to 10 minutes per day + a comfortable and quite place. Feel free to enjoy your guided meditation practice in a seated position, or maybe lying down on your back.


Health benefits of Meditation:


  • Reduces stress and pain.
  • Helps with finding emotional balance.
  • Reduces the feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • Increases your creativity, focus and memory.


About our 7 Day Guided Meditation Program:

♥ Lifetime access after purchase
♥ 7 Meditation classes between 5 and 10 minutes
♥ No expectations. You step on the mat and choose a video that fits with your needs of the day.
♥ Find a comfortable spot to sit or lie down, close your eyes and let yourself be guided by the sound of my voice.
♥ It’s okay to have a wandering mind. Clearing your mind requires patience, time and practice.
♥ Accept what is and let go of anything you no longer need. It’s okay to cry and to let go of stored emotions. You are human, remember that!
♥ Follow along wherever you are and whenever you want.
♥ Can also be done after your Slow & Flow practice.


Join our Flow & Slow Program and welcome flexibility and mobility into your life.


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