My 3 tips for a healthier mindset

27 apr ,2022

In this article I am sharing my 3 tips for a healthier mindset. Maybe you already know I went through several burn-outs, depressions and anxiety attacks, but not many people actually know how I’ve conquered my childhood traumas. It’s been a very bumpy road to find inner peace and to change a negative, dark mindset into a positive one. As I moved through my journey to rediscovering my true self, I realized that I had to face my inner demons in order to make space for light and positivity. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to shift my mindset as I would’ve been stuck in this state of being a victim and blaming my past.

Imagine yourself being like a phone battery. What do you do once your battery turns red or low? Right, you charge your phone so you can continue to use it. The same goes for your body and mindset. You will receive signals (which we’ll discuss later in this article) from your body and if you continue to ignore them, you’ll burn out… Literally! That is why I tell my students and beloved ones to make sure they’re taking care of their mental- and physical health as no one can give their fullest 24h/24 and 7 days/7.

“Self care first, always!” Even if that means that you will need to put yourself first more often and maybe cancel on the plans you had foreseen. Yes, you might feel bad, and maybe a little bit selfish, at first for changing your putting yourself first and disappoint some people, but honestly? They would do the same if it was the other way around. Trust me!

So, what exactly are my 3 tips for a healthier mindset?

  1. Remove negativity from your life.
  2. Make yourself a priority.
  3. Daily self-care is a must!

I am sharing these 3 tips for a healthier mindset from my experience and point of view and hope to inspire you with courage and motivation. There is a way to set your mind open for good things and to welcome self care, emotional growth and a strong mental well-being.

1. Remove negativity from your life.

I’ll start with the most difficult one: removing negativity from your life. This means letting go of anyone/ anything that no longer serves you, or anything you cannot control. Yes, I know, it sounds way easier than it actually is, betting go of negative people and energies is a must in order to make space for positive energy and good things to come your way.

Doesn’t it hurt way more to hold on to something that causes you pain and sadness, then to choose yourself and to complete “the process of letting go”? I’ve tried holding on to toxic or negative situations many, many times, but only ended up feeling shitty and heartbroken. How many times have you thought things like f.e. “I need to end this.”, “I want to quit my job.”, or “I’ll never fall for that again!”? Been there, done that. It felt awful, every single time!

Now I dare to stand up for myself and to step away from people or things that don’t bring me joy or the energy I feel I deserve. If someone knows how I feel, think and react, but still refuses to put in effort in our relationship, well.. Then this person doesn’t deserve my energy. Harsh, but this (waste of) energy could be spend otherwise, like on positive things and people that match with who I am. Choosing yourself leads to a healthier mindset, which leads to living a happier life.

2. Make yourself a priority.

Making yourself a priority, but isn’t that selfish? No, it is not! Actually, it is a necessity. We often tend to forget ourselves and to push away our needs in order to please someone else (who, in most cases, doesn’t give much in return). As from today stop pleasing other people, because you’ll only end up feeling miserable for going against your inner gut feeling.

Your body knows and feels when somethings matches with your visions and dreams. If something doesn’t feel good, you’ll probably experience a knot in your stomach, or a heavy feeling on the chest and a feeling of wanting to flight. If something feels right, you’ll experience excitement and a tingling sensation in your stomach.

So, from now on you are going to listen to the signals sent out by your body and follow your inner gut feeling more often. Your brain will probably act stubbornly and tell you to ignore your body’s messages, but please, don’t give in to these thoughts. You are much stronger than that and know that you deserve to live the life that YOU want! A happier you results in a happier mindset and a more positive life experience.

3. Daily self care is a must!

Whenever I’m skipping a day of self care, I’ll notice that my body is filled with tension and stress, which affects my mood in a bad way. I’ll get frustrated a lot easier and faster, which results in a headache and a feeling of exhaustion at the end of the day. That’s why I make sure to insert daily moments of self care as this gives me permission to reconnect with my inner self whilst letting go of the chaotic outside world. Even if it’s just a 5 minute Guided Meditation practice, I’ll make the best out of it and give myself those 5 minutes to wind down and welcome more calmness into my mind and body.

Living in a constant state of stress is exhausting and super unhealthy for both the mind and body, but also for the soul. This can result in getting sick very often, experiencing body pain or -aches, feeling tired, losing focus and motivation, lack of sleep and many other negative things. I know many of you are suffering from at least one of the negative effects from being in a constant state of stress, which is why and how you’ve landed on this page. Am I right, or am I right?

Self care is an opportunity to give your body, mind and spirit a moment to let go of the day and to press on an imaginary pause-button. For me doing Yoga, guided meditations, working out or baking something yummy are ideal ways to relax and to release those feelings of negative energy. I experience these things as a form of therapy. But for you this can be anything else you like doing! Even going for a walk, taking a long nap or inserting a spa day at home can do wonders to your energy level and mood.

Does this mean you can only find self care in Yoga or Meditation?

No, of course not. As I’ve mentioned above, you can do anything that makes you feel joyful, calm and relaxed. Try out a few things to see what matches best with your needs and enjoy the journey of finding your way towards taking care of yourself and your well-being. You are definitely going to experience how your mindset changes after your moment of self care and what effects it brings you on a longterm period.

3 tips for a healthier mindset
Are you to welcome more self care now that you know my 3 tips for a healthier mindset?

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You only need yourself, a quiet space, maybe a blanket or sweater and 5 to 10 minutes per day. “I don’t have time.” is not an excuse, because this would be ⅓th of the time you’d spend on scrolling through Social Media. Try to be more offline and to do more inwards-work instead of being online and being confronted with stress and external stimuli.

You can follow along with this Program at your own paste and time. Just make sure to not give up during these 2 weeks and to keep in mind that some days mind feel easier than others. And that’s totally normal, it’s part of the process and journey! Try to open yourself up to something new and discover the many benefits on your mind and body.

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