Why you should start with meditation ♥ Welcome headspace into your mind.

24 jul ,2021

Here is why you should start with meditation today. You’ve probably been wondering if (guided) meditation is something for you and if it’s something spiritual or floating? Meditation is quite the opposite what the stereotypes are showing us on social media and the Internet. This form of self care allows you to welcome a moment of stillness and requires patience to allow the mind to calm down and to let go of anything negative.

Did you know we have around 6,200 thoughts per day? Of course we don’t pay attention to all of them. That would be super exhausting, right? But we do pay attention to thoughts that are looking back into the past or future, or any thoughts that are negative and energy draining.

I must admit I am mostly holding on to stuff because I overthink too much. Overthinking causes me to experience anxiety attacks and makes me panic about the most little, silly things in life. Those are signals from my body telling me it’s time to slow down and to insert some me-time and self-care. A moment to be fully present and to become one with my mind, body and soul. Yoga and Pilates help a lot, but I’ve also been experiencing with (Guided) Meditation.

start with meditation

Give yourself permission to let go. and start with Meditation

My first experience with meditation

I was in a period of my life where I was going through – what I call – recovery from darkness. I went through many dark years and thoughts, but found my way back into the light. As my Yoga journey continued, I wanted to start with meditation as I became curious about the many benefits. Sitting in a crosslegged postion, somewhere in the middle of nature, with my eyes closed and the sound of silence seemed like a calming idea. I decided to give it a try during my Yoga Teacher Training, but somehow I felt scared of feeling all those overwhelming emotions. Tears appeared and I felt a lot of emotions which I didn’t want to feel.

Later on I discovered that this is completely normal as it’s part of the healing process. Going deeper within allows you to surrender to your mind and body. Suppressed emotions and feelings will arise and they’ll probably overwhelm you at first. Just focus on the breathing and allow the healing process to do its work. Start your meditation journey and welcome space and calmness into your mind.

The same can happen during Yoga, especially with yoga styles like Yin Yoga where we hold positions for a longer amount of time (2-5 minutes). Going deeper into the body will again allow suppressed emotions to arise. We tend to hold on to physical and emotional pain (blockages), which results in muscle pain. Stretching and going deeper into our muscles and connective tissues allows us to be more mindful with ourselves and our body, which will help with the process of letting go.

Your past does not define who you are today.
Live the life you want and love yourself for not giving up!

How do I feel now about Meditation?

My curiosity and interest for meditation really grew in 2020, during the pandemic of Covid-19. I lost my grandpa at the very beginning of the first lockdown back in March 2020 and had lots of negative energies. My mind felt blurred and I had several mental breakdowns. My Yoga practices did help with returning back to me and my body, but my mind somehow needed more. I felt ready to release the pain that was hidden deep inside of me. This was mostly unresolved pain from my past, which I no longer needed. In order to move on with my life, I decided I had to face my fears and accept the process of letting go and healing.

I was ready to start with meditation! Did I cry? Yup.. I’ve cried, A LOT! Was it worth it? Yes, it was! Thanks to guided meditation I have learned to go deep within and to let go of the pain which was holding me back. It helped me with letting go of several ‘unfinished cases’ in my life and with forgiving those who’ve hurt me in the past. The past is gone and my future is in my (our) hands.

I’ve followed along with several online guided meditation programs and enjoyed the experience of going deeper within. Some days will go smoothly, while others can be more overwhelming and distracting. Never compare ‘yesterday’ to ‘today’, because our bodies and minds react differently on every other day.

Whenever my guided meditation-moment does go perfectly, I feel enlightened and relaxed afterwards. It’s like my sorrows and thoughts made place for good vibes and positive thoughts. I sometimes experience a tingling sensation running up and down my spine when I’m in a deeper state of calmness and peace. It’s a weird, but nice, experience which sometimes comes with seeing a bright white light shining from within. I’ve also experienced seeing this bright light during Savasana (Corpse Pose).

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Could you use more relaxation and calmness into your life? Or maybe you feel ready to start with mediation? I invite you to join our 14 Day Guided Program and to welcome more self-care and relaxation into your life.
You only need a comfortable spot and 5 to 10 minutes out of your busy day (which is a small percentage of the time you spend on Netflix or scrolling on social media). You are in control of when you take a moment for your moment of me-time and which video you’d like to follow along with.

Meditation can be done at any time of the day and anywhere you want. You don’t necessarily have to sit in a crosslegged position. You can also sit on your knees (this might become less comfortable after a while), lie down on your back, lie in a Fetal Position (on your side) or maybe sit on a chair. Conclusion: anywhere you want. Awesome, right?

And be honest with me, a moment to escape from today’s crazy world is a must! Right? Self-care has become more important than ever, because we must protect ourselves and our precious bodies from the negative energies and feelings of fear. Stress and negative emotions from pandemic-updates might cause you to feel down or even depressed. That is why I can’t say this enough:

Self-care is not selfish, it’s a necessity!

– Zen With Debby

Benefits of Guided Meditation

  • Guided meditation helps with reducing stress and negative emotions.
  • It can help with pain release.
  • Also helps with finding emotional balance.
  • And reducing feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • Last but not least, meditation also increases your creativity, focus and memory.

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Love, Debby