Flow and Slow Program

Flow and Slow Program • a Vinyasa to Yin Yoga experience



Discover our Flow and Slow Program and bring more mobility and flexibility into your body. Take your Yoga practice to a new level and enjoy a variety of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga classes on demand. These classes are accessible for all Yogalevels. 

About our Flow and Slow Program:

♥ Lifetime access
♥ Increase your flexibility and mobility
♥ 7 Yogaclasses between 15 and 50 minutes
♥ A Vinyasa to Yin Yoga experience
♥ Mind-body connection


Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga:


  • Grants Flexibility.
  • Improves Mobility & Range Of Motion.
  • Build Muscle Strength.
  • Helps With Weight Loss.
  • Stability And Balance.
  • Mood Boost.
  • Stress Release.
  • Stablizes and Regulates the Emotions.

Benefits of Yin Yoga:


  • Calms and Balances The Mind and Body.
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety.
  • Increases Circulation.
  • Improves Flexibility and Joint Mobility.
  • Improved Sleep.
  • Balances The Internal Organs.
  • Promote Mindfulness.

➤ Discover our 14 Days Guided Meditation Journey.


Love, Debby
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