About Zen With Debby

Hi, welcome to Zen With Debby! Our goal is to guide you through your journey to self-care and self-love. Here you can find all different kinds of Yoga and Pilates Programs, which will allow you to become one with your body and mind. A perfect way to treat yourself and your body.

Zen With Debby is managed by Deborah Standaert, a Belgian yogi who loves chocolate. Her love for Yoga and Pilates started in 2014 and turned out into a passion as she dreamed of sharing her light and energy with the world.

She signed up for Teacher Trainings and became the first Certified POP Pilates Instructor of Flanders. She also completed her Yoga- and Mat Based Pilates Teacher Trainings.

In 2020 Deborah decided to follow another dream of hers: launching her business Zen With Debby – Yoga and Pilates studio. Here you can find physical- and online classes for all levels and body types. Every one is welcome to join the Tribe.

“Self-care starts with yourself and at Zen With Debby.”

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Would you like to be guided by Debby and her online classes? Follow along with our Yoga and Guided Meditation programs and enjoy Zen With Debby at any moment of the day, any where you want.

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Thank you so much for allowing me to guide you through your journey of Yoga and Pilates. I honour you and your soul.

Debby ♥