My Journey To Self-care
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About Debby

My Journey To Self-care.

My journey to self-care began when I was recovering from a depression and burn-out. I was looking for a way to bring more inner peace into my life and to deal with stress. I found Yoga and Pilates and noticed positive changes in my body, mind and spirit.

Becoming more connected with my body and mind allowed me to take care of my mental- and physical health, but also to let go of unresolved traumas.

I fell in love with both movements forms and discovered a new passion that was burning deep inside of me. I was ready to share my journey and experience with the world and to guide other people in their journey to self-care. And that’s when I signed up for Yoga- and (POP) Pilates Teacher Trainings.

The Beginning of my Teacher Journey

I became the first Certified POP Pilates Instructor of my region (Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium) and found a location to teach weekly group classes Vinyasa Yoga and POP Pilates. I was really excited to start my journey as a Yoga- and PilatesTeacher and being able to grow together with my wonderful students. Little by little I wondered “What would it be like to own a proper business?”…

Zen With Debby, your guide to self-care.

…Fast forward to 2020, the year in which I founded my business Zen With Debby. A dream coming true! I am forever grateful for for the love and support I’ve received over the past years.

“Your Journey To Self-care starts with yourself and at Zen With Debby.”

Love, Debby

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